• 01

    Powder based Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) coating system is a one-part, thermosetting epoxy resin that utilizes heat to melt, crosslink, and adhere to metal substrate. It provides a coating with excellent adhesion, and a tough, smooth finish resistant to abrasion, chemical degradation, and soil-stress damage.

    As such MultiCorr has developed its infrastructure and capabilities for the automatic application of powder based single, -dual, -three layer FBE to the girth welds making the company an indisputable leader in the field joint FBE coating system.

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  • 02

    Passive Fire Proofing (PFP) include preventive measures, performance of which significantly reduces the risk of fire and also increases fire resistance of different materials and structures.

    The most popular means of passive fire protection are special fire-resistant compositions, paintings, saturations, lacquers that significantly reduce the possibility of ignition and distribution of fire.

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  • 03

    MultiCorr offers a variety of coating options that protect internal pipe surfaces from the effects of corrosion and erosion as well as reducing friction and turbulence in order to increase flow efficiency.

    The MultiCorr in-situ cleaning and coating process is designed to work in steel pipeline diameters from 3 to 38 inches and larger diameters are possible.

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  • 04

    MultiCorr has an agreement with PetroWeld to offer an excellent pipe spool and structural steel fabrication services at the most affordable charges. PetroWeld is an integral resident of the Aksai Industrial Park, initiating innovation, modernization, quality and pre-qualified products and services for the Aksai Industrial Park, and Clients with their associated contractors in the Karachaganak Fields and West Kazakhstan Region.

    This unique combination of MultiCorr and PetroWeld to achieve thru innovative technology and welding expertise deliver the best possible productivity rates.

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  • 05

    MultiCorr LLP uses up dated technologies designed by MIGEN for tanks remediation, preserving operating and environmental safety, by technologies that recover product from sludge and reduce the weight and the volume of the residuals to be disposed. Our equipment could perform the remediation of crude oil tanks with capacities up to 160 000 cu.m.

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